Events Coordinator at the Specialty Coffee Association

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Events Coordinator

Reports to: Events Creative Director of World Coffee Events
Organization: Specialty Coffee Association
Department: World Coffee Events
Job Type: Full-time
Travel Frequency: 35% annually
Location: Europe


The primary role of the Event Coordinator is to support organization, planning, production, and management of competitions (and competition-related events). This is achieved by managing the competition stakeholder groups & communications: judges, competitors, and volunteers. The Events Coordinator will also manage the WCE Representative program.

The position will require some travel and a varied work schedule. The duties may be conducted via teleconferencing from various locations with self-managed workload. As a member of the WCE staff, support and participation in our annual competition and special features may also be involved. 

Competencies & Qualifications:

The Events Coordinator has a background in event production and communications. Prior experience with managing committee work, program/content development, and understanding/optimizing systems that support live events is recommended, Individual must be interested in improving systems by engaging stakeholders and considering various layers of global impact and consideration.

The coordinator is also a coffee enthusiast with an interest in communications, who thrives in collaboration with various working groups.

Event coordinator should have the following experience:

  • Self-motivated professional with a minimum of two years experience in the specialty coffee industry, who possesses some knowledge of world geography and cultures

  • Highly capable in events management, production, and coordination (experience with project management and team collaboration is preferred)

  • Experience in live event support/high-pressure environments

  • Must have excellent attention to detail and strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Knowledge of technical writing and program design

  • Fluent in English

  • Minimum of two-years' experience in direct customer service roles

    • Barista certification preferred

  • High proficiency in word processing, spreadsheets, on-line cloud systems, and project management tools

  • Extremely organized and reliable with working independently while telecommuting

  • Capable of self-managed schedule to meet project deadlines

  • Ability to consider cultural context in decision making and communications

  • Knowledge of coffee or a coffee enthusiast

  • Strong collaborator


 WCE Judges:

The coordinator will maintain a system for certified judges, to keep it supported, relevant, and healthy. This includes grading judge exams, maintaining judge tracking, and managing judge communications and certificates. The coordinator will support on-site Judge Certification exams, Judge Calibration, and WCE Rep Meetings. The coordinator will also coordinate program improvements and innovations, when needed.

WCE Representatives et al:

The coordinator will maintain a system for WCE Representatives, to keep it supported, relevant, and healthy. This includes organizing a bi-annual Rep Meeting, coordinating bias training, development rigor around feedback and program, and analyzing sanctioning forms and pre-event reports, to ensure NB events are properly supported. The coordinator will update all National Body Workshops (NBWs) yearly, after the Rules are updated. The coordinator will oversee staffing of the World Competitions Educational Program (WCEP) and may participate in its innovation.

WCE Competitors:

The coordinator will oversee competitor logistics and communications for championships. They will be responsible for fielding Rules & Regulations questions and queries throughout this year. This may involve coordinating with R&R committees or judge groups. Additionally, the coordinator will manage and improve competitor logistics, tools, and resources, in collaboration with staff and stakeholders.

Volunteer Coordination:

The coordinator will organize and manage volunteer systems and needs for events which are not supported by SCA staff directly.