World Competitions Senior Manager at the Specialty Coffee Association


Position: World Competitions Senior Manager

Reports to: Competitions Director
Department: Events
Job Classification: Exempt
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Any
Travel Frequency: 15-30% Annually


The World Competitions Senior Manager has a leading role in the World Competitions Events Department to oversee the program development and content management of competition and competition related events. The role involves the responsibility to manage multiple team members and collaborate with other departments within the organization and external contacts and working groups. The scope of work involves the management of world championship events, intellectual property related to championships, working group/committee involvement and relations, champion promoting events like All Stars and other competition promotional activity.

Essential Functions

Event/ Championship Management

  • Manage production process, development, programming and vision guidance around all events
  • Involvement in special events curation and planning on a need basis
  • Manage implementation, objectives, and resources for projects
  • Fulfillment of annual events
  • Develop review/improvement process for events
  • Alignment with financial expectations and budgets
  • Consult on ideas and business or event development for the organization
  • Staff Management
  • Collaborate with management over events planning and budgeting
  • Recruit, develop, and manage staff for various events
  • Manage staff job duties, goals, performance reviews and development
  • Build an effective and efficient staff to coordinate and fulfill events
  • Team leadership
  • Support a culture of implementation and ownership of events and projects
  • Build effective working relationships with lead staff, working group/committee members and
  • industry partners
  • Participate in strategic development and setting quarterly and yearly goals

Qualifications & Experience

  • Self-motivated professional with respect and interest towards the specialty coffee industry
  • Possesses some knowledge of world geography and cultures
  • Fluent in English, both spoken and written
  • Must enjoy working with diverse groups, in many cultures. Can modulate tone and content, with respect to diversity
  • Very proficient with computers, spreadsheets, word processing, online cloud systems and project management tools
  • Reliable with working alone and with telecommuting
  • Flexibility with travel and work schedules
  • Capable of self-managed schedule to meet project deadlines
  • Experience with managing staff, planning, event organization, project management and team collaboration required
  • Minimum of 3 years of management experience
  • Competition experience a plus
  • Event Management experience required


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