Recognizing the best, the brightest, the exceptional, and those who exhibit extraordinary commitment and passion for specialty coffee.

Annual Recognition Awards

Achievement Awards

Keeping with the our mission to recognize, develop, and promote specialty coffee, SCA Achievements Awards were developed to recognize exceptional achievement and contributions within the specialty coffee industry and to the SCA as an organization. Award categories include Lifetime Achievement, Outstanding Contribution to the Association, Distinguished Author or Publisher, Special Recognition, Alfred Peet Passionate Cup and Distinguished Newcomer, all recognizing excellence in specialty coffee. To review the nomination and selection process, or to submit a nomination, please visit the SCA Annual Recognition Awards page

Sustainability Award

This award acknowledges individuals, businesses, and organizations that have created innovative projects or business models to expand and promote sustainability within the coffee world while inspiring others to initiate similar endeavors. Please contact with any questions. 


Best New Product Competition | Held at the annual expo events, the Specialty Coffee Expo and World of Coffee, this competition recognizes new products judged on their quality and value to the specialty coffee and tea industry.

United States Barista Championship | This event highlights the professional barista, awarding the winner the title of the United States Barista Champion. The winner is guaranteed a spot in the World Barista Championship to compete against national champions from around the world.

World Barista Championship | This event brings together the world’s national barista champions to compete for the title of World Barista Champion. Every four years this event is held at the Specialty Coffee Expo.

United States Cup Tasters Championship | Held at the Specialty Coffee Expo, this competition highlights the skills of coffee cuppers from around the country. The USCTC was created to educate and motivate cuppers, recognize their credibility and status as on par with wine tasters, and to promote the concept of quality coffee.

Roasters Guild Coffees of the Year Competition | Held at the Specialty Coffee Expo, this competition is open to origin countries that are in a cooperative relationship with SCA as well as roaster and importer members. This event utilizes Q Graders, SCA Cupping Judges, and other industry-cupping experts to evaluate and rank exceptional coffees.

Roasters Choice Tasting Competition | This event, also at the Specialty Coffee Expo, highlights the craft of roasting, bringing recognition to the roaster who carefully selected and roasted the coffee of their choice. This competition provides the opportunity for event attendees to taste exceptional coffees in a relaxed environment and vote for the roast of their choice. 

USBC Brewers Cup Championship | This event highlights the art of professional brewing techniques, awarding the winner the title of the United States Brewers Cup Champion. The winner is guaranteed a spot in the World Brewers Cup Championship to compete against champions from around the world.