What's New in Education for 2019?


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Continuing Professional Development Program

The AST Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program will be rolled out in 2019.

This program is designed to track, document and develop skills, knowledge and experience that is required of an AST during their 3-year AST license.

To renew an AST license, a specific number of credits must be achieved on a pro-rata basis by the end of the 3-year period.

We want our SCA ASTs to continue to develop and enhance their teaching abilities. The SCA CPD program recognizes this under five different types of CPD activities:

  • Events

  • Learning

  • Research

  • Volunteering

  • Teaching/Training

With this program we will allow the ASTs continuing professional development to become more conscious and proactive.

Online Exams

In 2019, SCA Education will be introducing online exams.

This program allows learners to take the written exam online within a specified time frame upon passing the practical exam in person with their AST.

More information coming in 2019!

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