SCA National Chapters

Each National Chapter is volunteer-led, operates within a specific country, and is made up of a group of dedicated and hardworking coffee professionals and enthusiasts which are elected by all SCA members within that country.  

What are the main benefits of a National Chapter?

  1. Organize national competitions, sanctioned by World Coffee Events

  2. Support for your local coffee community

  3. National and International networking

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SCA Chapters Around the Globe



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Günter Stölner
  • Membership Coordinator, Manfred Knauseder
  • Education Coordinator, Benjamin Graf
  • Events Coordinator, Gunter Stölner
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Martin Sedlace


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Turgut Minasazov
  • Education Coordinator, Timur Lyapin
  • Events Coordinator, Vadim Misirov
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Elnur Aliyev


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Maryna Voskresenskaya
  • Membership Coordinator, Anna Bolbas-Daschinskaya
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Anna Bolbas-Daschinskaya
  • Education Coordinator, Vitali Filmanovich
  • Events Coordinator, Marharyta Asmalouskaya


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Loïc Installé
  • Education Coordinator, Katrien Pauwels
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Kathleen Serdons


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Filip Spasov
  • Education Coordinator, Yuliyan Mihaylov
  • Events Coordinator, Antonina Sabotinova
  • Membership Coordinator, Milena Stoyanova
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Emilian Iliev


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Josh Hockin
  • Membership Coordinator, Adam Pesce
  • Education Coordinator, Mike Strumpf
  • Events Coordinator, Sam Le
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Gabriel Navarro
  • Finance Coordinator, Jennifer Farnell


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Elena Charalambous
  • Membership Coordinator, George Christofi
  • Education Coordinator, Christos Lialios
  • Events Coordinator, Marios Kyprianou
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Panagiotis Koumouros

Czech Republic

  • National Coordinator (Chair), Stepan Neubauer
  • Membership Coordinator, Michala Paselekova
  • Education Coordinator, Ondrej Hutik
  • Events Coordinator, Adam Neubauer
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Jakub Nikel


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Christian Andersen
  • Events Coordinator, Marc Munk Simonsen
  • Membership Coordinator, Ejvind Spence


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Jonna Korhonen
  • Membership Coordinator, Ulla Suoraniemi
  • Education Coordinator, Jarno Peräkylä
  • Events Coordinator, Jonna Korhonen
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Charlotte Baltzar


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Stéphane Comar
  • Membership Coordinator, Michael McCauley
  • Education Coordinator, Ludovic Maillard
  • Events Coordinator, Nir Chouchana
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Clothilde Dutry


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Graziano Chessa
  • Membership Coordinator, Kathrin Hauser
  • Events Coordinator, Thomas Schweiger
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Mateusz Petlinski


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos
  • Membership Coordinator, Stavros Lamprinidis
  • Education Coordinator, Kostas Kalaftas
  • Events Coordinator, Stefanos Domatiotis
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Nikolis Athanasios


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Gergely Boross
  • Membership Coordinator, Adam Csordas
  • Education Coordinator, Enikő Kántor
  • Events Coordinator, Franciska Apró
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, David Bence
  • Treasurer, Peter Szalczer


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Njáll Björgvinsson
  • Membership Coordinator, Sólrún Björk Guðmundsdóttir
  • Education Coordinator, Sonja Björk Grant
  • Events Coordinator, Njáll Björgvinsson
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Ingíbjörg Jona Sigurdardóttir


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Joseph Smith
  • Membership Coordinator, Elizabeth Skelly
  • Education Coordinator, Ger O'Donohoe
  • Events Coordinator, Damian Marshall
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Aidan Durnin


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Cristina Caroli
  • Membership Coordinator, Marcello Vitellone
  • Education Coordinator, David Cobelli
  • Events Coordinator, Antonella Cutrona


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Pavel Serikov
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, David Kim
  • Education Coordinator, Nikolay Ukhabov-Bogoslavskiy
  • Membership Coordinator, Zhaslan Zhanatov


  • National Coordinator, Nidas Kiuberis
  • Membership Coordinator, Gediminas Sereika


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Rose van Asten
  • Membership Coordinator, Willem Huisman
  • Education Coordinator, Frans Taapken
  • Events Coordinator, Ron De Wit
  • Communications Coordinator, Sanne Westphal


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Marit Lynes
  • Membership Coordinator, Tobias Abrahamsen
  • Events Coordinator, Madeleine Solheim Johnsen


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Damian Czyżewski
  • Membership Coordinator, Piotr Markowski
  • Education Coordinator, Blazej Walczykiewicz
  • Events Coordinator, Krzysztof Barabosz
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Paweł Murawski


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Cláudia Pimentel
  • Event Coordinator, Ana César
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Carina Serra


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Cezara Cartes
  • Membership Coordinator, Silvia Constantin
  • Education Coordinator, Ecaterina Szasz
  • Events Coordinator, Sebastian Ioan Farcas
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Alexandru Niculae


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Ilya Savinov
  • Membership Coordinator, Anastasiya Chekhovich
  • Education Coordinator, Daria Zakharova
  • Events Coordinator, Julia Chanturiya
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Alexandra Tishchenko


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Ross Bright


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Tomas Callo
  • Membership Coordinator, Veronika Keckesova
  • Education Coordinator, Lubos Koncok
  • Events Coordinator, Michal Molcan
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Veronika Galova

South Korea

Community Council

  • Kim Kiil
  • Choi Junghwa
  • Choi Jun-Ho
  • Han Saekyoung

Competition Council

  • Park Jiman
  • Shin Jungyoon
  • Yoon Sunny
  • Lim Sojeong
  • Jung Eunkyung

Education Council

  • Ahn Jung-Keun (Seoul)
  • Chun Sungye (Incheon/Gyeonggi)
  • Kim Il-Ho Chungchung/Kangwon)
  • Seo Changwon (Gyeongsang/Daegu/Busan/Woolsan)
  • Lim Song-Lim (Gyeongsang/Daegu/Busan/Woolsan)
  • Choo Young-Min (Jeolla/Jeju)


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Miguel Lamora Bárcena
  • Education Coordinator, Josiana Bernardes
  • Events Coordinator, Willy Gómez
  • Membership Coordinator, Diego Campos Vigo
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Carlos Fernández Zarapico


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Ida Strid
  • Events Coordinator, Ida Strid
  • Membership Coordinator, Emma Johansson
  • Marketing & Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Emma Johansson
  • Education Coordinator, John Dester


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Nina Rimpl
  • Membership Coordinator, Vittoria Illy
  • Education Coordinator, Barbara Held
  • Events Coordinator, Marc Schneider
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, André Eiermann
  • Finance Coordinator, Gloria Pedroza
  • French Representative, Ennio Cantergiani
  • ZHAW / international Coordinator, Chahan Yeretzian


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Okan Turfanda
  • Education Coordinator, Cagatay Gulabioglu
  • Marketing & Communication Coordinator, Nursu Arslan


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Sereda Olena
  • Membership Coordinator, Maryna Penzii
  • Education Coordinator, Ruslan Karelashvili
  • Events Coordinator, Oksana Kozonova
  • Events Coordinator, Oksana Vitynska
  • Events Coordinator, Rostyslav Kaplun
  • Events Coordinator, Viktor Shramenko
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Andrey Choockovsky
  • Chief Volunteer, Eugene Kim

United Kingdom


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Mat North
  • Education Coordinator, Edita Chodarcevic
  • Events Coordinator, Estelle Bright
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Jonathan Wadham

Sub Committee

  • Judges Liaison, Rob Ward
  • Design Coordinators

Access the Chapter Hub

The Chapter Hub is available to Chapter Committee members and contains information and resources to help Coordinators run successful events and promote Chapter activities. 

*For access to the Chapter Hub password, email our staff at