What is a National Chapter?

What is a Chapter?

A Chapter is formed of up to five passionate and dedicated volunteers who are each elected into a specific role to support SCA members in a specific country or region. The number of volunteers (between 3-5) per Chapter is dependent on the number of SCA members in each country.

What is the purpose of a Chapter?

SCA National Chapters represent members needs on a local level through support, networking events, organizing competitions and communications. With currently over 30 chapters operating across the world, it enables all members in each country to have an immediate point to call, gaining support and information for local championships and events, and providing quick and effective communication.

The specific roles that form the Chapter (see below) allow SCA members to target their queries to the relevant volunteer to gain the most efficient support and communication.

The objective and purpose of a Chapter is to:

  • Develop a forum for exchanging information
  • Promote SCA through providing local coffee education
  • Hold events for the participants of the coffee industry that share a commitment to quality

What are the roles in each Chapter?

We have up to five roles in each Chapter which forms the National Committee:

  • National Coordinator (Chair)
  • Membership Coordinator
  • Education Coordinator
  • Events Coordinator
  • Communication Coordinator

Please see the Roles and Responsibilities of each Chapter Coordinator here. If you are interested in becoming a Chapter Coordinator for your country, please contact your Chapter National Coordinator (Chair) to find out when your next Local Chapter will be re-elected and express your interest in serving.

How often do Chapter coordinators change?

SCA conducts an election every two years for each Chapter. This ensures all SCA members have the chance to vote for their coordinators in favor. The successful candidates then take on the role, after acceptance, for the next two years. The same process repeats correspondingly.

All members are notified of their countries Chapter election via email 3 months prior to the election starting and are sent regular communications throughout the election process.

What are the benefits of having a Chapter?

Support Every Chapter offers support to the local coffee community, from helping organise the local championships, finding sponsors and promoting the event on the Chapter social media and webpage, to being the first point to call to answer any queries and questions in the local language, such as information about the local competitions and events, SCA membership and education.

Organizing Competitions The Chapters organize local support if hosting a SCA event, sending the winners to the world competitions if officially registered

Networking Events Organizing the competitions and events brings together the local and far afield coffee scene, giving the opportunity for exchanging knowledge and networking with all coffee lovers alike.

Communication The Chapter gives the opportunity for an immediate point to call on a local level, providing a direct link to members to communicate in the local language and within the same time zone.

Members are encouraged to follow the Chapters social media and website to keep up to date with all of the local events, competitions and news.

Please click here to find your local Chapter and their contact details.

How do I form a Chapter in my country?

Are you thinking about forming your own National Chapter? If you would like any more information about the National Chapters, or if you would like help in forming your own National Chapter, please do not hesitate to contact us at chapters@sca.coffee.

Access the Chapter Hub

The Chapter Hub is available exclusively to Chapter Committee members and contains information and resources to help Coordinators run successful events and promote Chapter activities. 

*For access to the Chapter Hub password, email our staff at chapters@sca.coffee.