SCA courses are taught by hundreds of Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs) in locations around the globe. ASTs are coffee professionals who use their knowledge and training skills to deliver SCA courses. Our trainers deliver course content and assess the written and practical examinations required to pass each module, audited by the SCA.

become an authorized sca trainer

Becoming an AST will give you the unique opportunity to teach the Coffee Skills Program (CSP) curriculum at your own Authorized Training Venue or Premium Training Campus.

The Coffee Skills Program is also offered at SCA events around the world. Lead trainer positions as well as assistant trainer positions (station instructors) for CSP courses are selected via an application and review process. Please contact for more information.

We’ll provide you with all the necessary training on our two-day AST course as well as support from SCA staff to help guide you as you begin teaching your own courses.


Ready to become an AST? Complete the AST Application Form in your language:

Please note that you must be able to prove that your training facility complies with the core requirements for an Authorized Training Venue or Premium Training Campus.

SCA requires a three-month gap between taking and passing an Intermediate level module and taking and passing the Professional level of the same module. A three-month gap is required between passing the Professional level and following the AST course.

A 3-year AST license costs €1500 EUR / $1800 USD plus €200 EUR / $240 per certifier license. Adding an extra module costs €200 EUR / $240 USD.


Are you a current Authorized SCA Trainer? Log in to the AST portal here


SCAA and SCAE heritage trainers will continue to submit class offerings through the same methods as previously, until the systems are merged. In the meantime, please visit the course calendars below to view upcoming offerings:


If you are interested in becoming an AST based on a professional certificate earned by way of an SCAA Pathway certificate equivalency, please contact Kim Ta at to discuss next steps.  


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