Individual Professional ($200/€190)

An SCA membership for individual coffee professionals whose profession does not yet have an SCA Guild but form part of one of the many other vital links of the coffee value chain. Whether you're a coffee producer, green coffee trader or are working elsewhere in coffee, our Individual Professional membership category gives you access to many exclusive benefits, all while supporting the SCA's nonprofit mission.

Exclusive discounts and savings on:

Access to cutting-edge coffee science, market research, sustainability reports, and white papers

Complimentary subscription to the print edition of 25 Magazine, SCA’s industry publication. Are you a member? Opt in here.

Eligibility to:

  • Vote in elections for the SCA Board of Directors, National Chapters, and Guilds

  • Join National Committees, Advisory Councils, Executive Councils, and Working Groups

  • Compete in national and international competitions (at a discounted price)

  • Attend SCA events as a volunteer

Welcome Pack including:

  • Member Guide with information about SCA's mission, vision and your membership

  • Welcome letter from the SCA President

  • Certificate of membership

  • Benefits packet

  • Window and laptop stickers

  • Lapel pin

  • Copy of current issue of 25 Magazine

  • Digital access to SCA member logo (includes logo guidelines), online Member Guide, and other member tools and resources

Sign up for a 2-year membership and receive a 10% discount, or a 3-year membership and save 20%!

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