Important information on U.S. prohibitions ON IRAN AND CRIMEA

We at the SCA care deeply about providing high quality coffee education to communities around the world. As an international association, we have an obligation to our members to ensure our organization operates within the law.

U.S. law requires us to comply with a variety of U.S. sanctions and regulations which prohibit SCA and anyone representing SCA or our products from providing member services, such as benefits, news updates, and education courses or certifications to people or businesses operating within certain countries and regions. This currently includes Iran and Crimea.

The SCA is a US-based nonprofit organization, exempt from tax under IRC 501(c)(6) and organized under the laws of California as a mutual benefit corporation, and therefore subject to the laws of the United States Government.

This means that Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs) and other SCA representatives cannot provide a training course to someone who usually lives in Iran or Crimea. It also means that ASTs cannot travel to Iran or Crimea to run an SCA course. However, if a customer is of Iranian or Crimean origin but usually resides in another country, then they are able to take an SCA course and receive an SCA certificate.

Effective immediately, all ASTs are advised to request a residential address from all students prior to teaching a course. If the student’s residential address is in Iran or Crimea, the AST cannot provide SCA education courses to that student.

Additionally, we have made changes to the Education Certificate Request Form to make it simple to collect residential address information from students. This information will be required for all students in order for SCA staff to process invoices and certificate requests.

For questions about these prohibitions, please email Susan Hollins, SCA's Chief Education Officer, at