Roles and Responsibilities of Volunteer-Led National Chapters

Updated August 2019

This page outlines the basic responsibilities of the various members of your National Committee. These descriptions offer a platform for the volunteer leadership roles required to run a successful SCA Chapter. These positions are not exclusive or required— your National Committee may choose to have only the positions it needs or create new ones not listed below.

Has your chapter created a useful coordinator position that you would like to share with others? Send us the position description in the contact section at the bottom of the page and we’ll add your position to this list.

National Coordinator

  • Acts as an ambassador for the Specialty Coffee Association, promoting the association through Events, Education and other activities for the full 2-year term.
  • Chairs the committee ensuring a collaborative working team amongst the Committee at all times.
  • Engages regularly with the association’s Membership & Communication team.
  • Ensures that all committee coordinators reflect the association’s vision and aspirations in engaging with members and the wider community.
  • Responsible for National Chapter finances.
  • Appoints independent treasurer/accountant who will in turn be responsible for opening and managing a bank account, registering for VAT and registering an independent legal entity for the sole use of chapter activities in accordance with the local national laws and regulations.
  • Provide annual accounts in English before year end.
  • Attends the annual NC Summit.
  • Organizes an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for all chapter members to attend.
  • Promotes, Liaise liaises and communicates with chapter members on regular basis.
  • Cooperates with the association’s election team during the next election period.

Membership Coordinator

  • Actively promotes the Specialty Coffee Association and the industry at large.
  • Engages with existing members and strengthens relations between members and the association.
  • Identifies prospective members, promotes the association and forwards on direct inquiries to the Membership & Communications team.
  • Works with the Membership Services team to maintain an up-to-date contact list for members.
  • Follows up with new members throughout their first year.
  • Organizes membership meetings to engage with and involve chapter members.
  • Organizes an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for all members to attend, including presentations from each coordinator and an overview of Chapter activity.
  • Assists with the running of the next chapter election in partnership with the association’s election team.
  • Establishes a consistent and active online presence for the chapter (including forums, discussions, webinars etc.).

Education Coordinator

  • Acts as an ambassador for the association’s education system in promoting and engaging members & nonmembers.
  • Organizes education & chapter workshops for members and non-members.
  • Assists with audit process to ensure integrity of the education program.
  • Involves Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs) with chapter activities.
  • Engages regularly with the association’s Education team.
  • Assists organizing AST courses in cooperation with the Education team.
  • Assists organizing World Coffee Education Program (WCEP) courses in cooperation with SCA staff.
  • Assists the Guilds with organizing local events.

Events Coordinator

  • Organizes national competitions in accordance with World Coffee Events (WCE) Rules & Regulations, which may include regional heats.
  • Shares dates and information on chapterorganized events with the Marketing & Communications team.
  • Ensures all finals (excl. Cup Tasters) are attended by a WCE Rep.
  • Encourages all judges and competitors to become members of the association.
  • Calibration is attended by all judges prior to competitions.
  • Hospitality is organized for attending judges.
  • Raises sponsorship to cover competitions including costs of winners attending world finals.
  • Provides sufficient volunteers to support events.
  • Liaises with WCE Sanctioning, Reports and Registrations within the required time.
  • Engages with the Guilds.
  • Shares with local chapter SCA news /events including Guild events.
  • Ensures that WCE license fee is paid annually and on time.
  • Ensures visibility and correct use of WCE & SCA chapter logo.

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

  • Communicates with members regularly through social smedia, website, email - news, events, announcements etc.
  • Shares & engages with Marketing & Communications team.
  • Directly communicates with competitors – registrations, event details etc.
  • Publishes a chapter newsletter quarterly to all members & sponsors and extended community.
  • Regular social media activity engaging/sharing with members and the extended community.
  • Supports translations of news, announcements from the association to members.
  • Connects with the Guilds and promotes events to the local audience.
  • Ensures brand guidelines are adhered to.
  • Engages with local media & press.

Judges Coordinator

  • Act as an ambassador of SCA and as part of the Chapter Committee.
  • Responsible for the education, calibration and review of all National Judges, maintaining a high standard
  • Organize Judges workshops & calibrations in line with the Competitions calendar
  • Coordinate all activities with National Committee.
  • Maintaining, review/update a database of judges
  • Provide support and access to the database to all event organizers
  • Plan National Certification for judges (reaching agreements with the organizers at the venue, making a check list of all necessary for its implementation).
  • Scheduling judging for the National Championships.
  • Maintain agreements with the organizers at the venue, making a check list of all necessary for its implementation
  • Tracking filling out forms by head judges after championships.
  • Assistance in organizing online meetings between head judges and participants of championships.
  • Pursue further education for qualified judges through WCE for World Competitions Education Programme and WCE Certification.
  • Responsible for ensuring that a WCE Rep is present as per the WCE Sanctioning

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