SCA Chapters


The SCA is a global community comprised of local communities who all share the belief that coffee is more than a commodity. We come together to develop and exchange knowledge, expand our network, share our experiences, and to simply make coffee better.

Once a community of like-minded individuals has come together in a location, there’s an option to explore the founding of a more formal structure: an SCA Chapter. These are communities led by an elected committee of passionate volunteers that represent SCA activities in a specific country or regional territory. SCA Chapters are responsible for engaging the community in their local region by delivering education, events, research, and other engagement opportunities.


How are SCA Chapters formed?

To begin your journey to becoming a chapter, you first need to develop and engage your local community. To start, we recommend identifying five non-affiliated company or corporate SCA members and twenty SCA members of any other category (excluding employee members, company individual members, and associations). 

This community should then demonstrate a commitment to hosting or facilitating local events like festivals, competitions, lectures, or throw-downs. Communities at this stage may even want to host a World Competitions Education Program! We’d encourage you to make sure your community grows collaboratively by collecting feedback any time an event or gathering takes place. It’s also helpful to build and maintain different communication methods for your local community to stay connected, whether through social media, websites, email newsletters, or meetings. 

Another thing we consider when evaluating a community’s potential to become a chapter is whether or not its activities are aligned with the SCA’s mission, values, and purpose. One of the easiest ways to do this is to participate in our global events, like tradeshows, guilds, and education programs, or to work with us to put together collaborative activities in your area. 

Once your community is established, we’ll meet with you to review what kind of chapter structure will best preserve a locally-supported neutral network.


Why should we form an SCA Chapter?

As a reflection of the SCA’s global vision, mission, and purpose on a local scale, chapters can more efficiently develop and serve their communities with respect to culture and language. As an SCA Chapter, you can provide access, influence, and a sense of belonging to your local community as a part of a greater global network.

SCA Chapters also receive the support of the SCA’s Regional Community Directors in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Through one-to-one support, community directors help to build a proactive framework for supporting every chapter to ensure that community members have the best possible experiences every year.

SCA Chapters are also a clear, preferred path to being granted a Competitions Body License, which allows your community to be represented at the World Coffee Championships. Once your chapter is formed – and runs successfully for a period of time – this is something we would be happy to explore with you!


Let us know how we can support your journey. 

Does your community already have an SCA Chapter? See the full list of established chapters below. Please note that we currently recognize only one group as the SCA Chapter where chapters exist. If an SCA Chapter already exists in your region and you would like to get involved, please email them directly using the details below.

If your area does not already have an SCA Chapter and you are interested in learning more, please reach out to our Regional Community Directors:

SCA Chapters Around the Globe



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Günter Stölner
  • Membership Coordinator, Manfred Knauseder
  • Education Coordinator, Benjamin Graf
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Martin Sedlace



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Turgut Minasazov
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Aynur Tagiyeva
  • Events Coordinator, Ilgar Talibov



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Maryna Voskresenskaya
  • Membership Coordinator, Anna Bolbas-Daschinskaya
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Anna Bolbas-Daschinskaya
  • Education Coordinator, Vitali Filmanovich
  • Events Coordinator, Marharyta Asmalouskaya



  • National Coordinator (Chair), vacant
  • Education Coordinator, David Lawe
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Danny Calders



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Filip Spasov
  • Education Coordinator, Yuliyan Mihaylov
  • Events Coordinator, Antonina Sabotinova
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Emilian Iliev



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Josh Hockin
  • Membership Coordinator, Adam Pesce
  • Education Coordinator, Mike Strumpf
  • Events Coordinator, Sam Le
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Grant Gamble


This chapter is currently in a community re-build awaiting new leadership.

Ready to engage? email us at

Czech Republic


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Adina Simickova Balkova
  • Membership Coordinator, Rene Kralovic
  • Education Coordinator, Ondrej Hurtik
  • Events Coordinator, Kristian Kriz
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Jiri Giesl



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Christian Andersen
  • Events Coordinator, Marc Munk Simonsen
  • Membership Coordinator, Ejvind Spence



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Jonna Korhonen
  • Membership Coordinator, Ulla Suoraniemi
  • Education Coordinator, Jarno Peräkylä
  • Events Coordinator, Jonna Korhonen
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Charlotte Baltzar



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Stéphane Comar
  • Membership Coordinator, Ludovic Maillard
  • Education Coordinator, Michael McCauley
  • Events Coordinator, Nir Chouchana
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Stéphanie Magnani



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Ansgar Pleyer
  • Vice Chair, Patrice Wiedemann
  • Membership Coordinator, Nicole Pilz
  • Events Coordinator, Philipp Reichel
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Sinan Muslu
  • Education Coordinator, Steffi Heidemann



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Konstantinos Kalafatas
  • Membership Coordinator, Stefanos Domatiotis
  • Education Coordinator, Stravos Lamprinidis
  • Events Coordinator, Nikolaos Ferras
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Mate Nezval
  • Membership Coordinator, Gergely Boross
  • Education Coordinator, Eniko Kantor
  • Events Coordinator, Marki Zoltan
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Kun Frigyes & Judit Käesz
  • Treasurer, Peter Szalczer



  • National Coordinator (Chair), vacant
  • Membership Coordinator, vacant
  • Education Coordinator, vacant
  • Events Coordinator, vacant
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, vacant



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Damian Marshall
  • Membership Coordinator, Elizabeth Skelly
  • Education Coordinator, Alin Giriada
  • Events Coordinator, Eithne O'Flaherty
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Aidan Durnin



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Alberto Polojac
  • Membership Coordinator, Stefania Zecchi
  • Education Coordinator, Andrea Matarangolo
  • Events Coordinator, Fabio Sipione
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Daniela Mauro


This chapter is currently in a community re-build awaiting new leadership.

Ready to engage? email us at


This chapter is currently in a community re-build awaiting new leadership.

Ready to engage? email us at



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Rose van Asten
  • Membership Coordinator, Arjan Douma
  • Events Coordinator, Ron de Wit
  • Communications Coordinator, Tilly Van Arendonk
  • Education Coordinator, vacant



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Marit Lynes
  • Membership Coordinator, Tobias Abrahamsen
  • Events Coordinator, Madeleine Solheim Johnsen



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Damian Czyżewski
  • Membership Coordinator, Piotr Markowski
  • Education Coordinator, Blazej Walczykiewicz
  • Events Coordinator, Krzysztof Barabosz
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Paweł Murawski



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Cláudia Pimentel
  • Event Coordinator, Ana César
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Carina Serra



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Cezara Cartes
  • Membership Coordinator, Silvia Constantin
  • Education Coordinator, Ecaterina Szasz
  • Events Coordinator, Sebastian Ioan Farcas
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Alexandru Niculae



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Ilya Savinov
  • Membership Coordinator, Anastasiya Chekhovich
  • Education Coordinator, Daria Zakharova
  • Events Coordinator, Julia Chanturiya
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Alexandra Tishchenko



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Tomas Callo
  • Membership Coordinator, Veronika Keckesova
  • Education Coordinator, Lubos Koncok
  • Events Coordinator, Michal Molcan
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Veronika Galova

South Korea

Community Council:

  • Kim Kiil
  • Choi Junghwa
  • Choi Jun-Ho
  • Han Saekyoung

Competition Council:

  • Park Jiman
  • Shin Jungyoon
  • Yoon Sunny
  • Lim Sojeong
  • Jung Eunkyung
  • Lee Youngmin

Education Council:

  • Ahn Jung-Keun (Seoul)
  • Chun Sungye (Incheon/Gyeonggi)
  • Kim Il-Ho Chungchung/Kangwon)
  • Seo Changwon (Gyeongsang/Daegu/Busan/Woolsan)
  • Lim Song-Lim (Gyeongsang/Daegu/Busan/Woolsan)
  • Choo Young-Min (Jeolla/Jeju)


This chapter is currently in a community re-build awaiting new leadership.

Ready to engage? email us at



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Ida Strid
  • Events Coordinator, Ida Strid
  • Membership Coordinator, Emma Johansson
  • Marketing & Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Emma Johansson
  • Education Coordinator, John Dester



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Nina Rimpl
  • Membership Coordinator, Vittoria Illy
  • Education Coordinator, Barbara Held
  • Events Coordinator, Marc Schneider
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, André Eiermann
  • Finance Coordinator, Gloria Pedroza
  • French Representative, Ennio Cantergiani
  • ZHAW / international Coordinator, Chahan Yeretzian



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Okan Turfanda
  • Education Coordinator, Cagatay Gulabioglu
  • Marketing & Communication Coordinator, Nursu Arslan
  • Events Coordinator, Mert Soley
  • Membership Coordinator, Nurettin Karakundakoglu
  • Treasure, Arkin Ozturk



  • National Coordinator (Chair), Sereda Olena
  • Membership Coordinator, Maryna Penzii
  • Education Coordinator, Ruslan Karelashvili
  • Events Coordinator, Oksana Kozonova
  • Events Coordinator, Oksana Vitynska
  • Events Coordinator, Rostyslav Kaplun
  • Events Coordinator, Viktor Shramenko
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Andrey Choockovsky
  • Chief Volunteer, Eugene Kim

United Kingdom


  • National Coordinator (Chair), Robert Ward
  • Education Coordinator, Edita Chodarcevic
  • Events Coordinator, Graziano Moroni
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Fabio Ferreira

Sub Committee

  • Judges Liaison
  • Design Coordinators

United States


  • National Coordinator: Marcus Boni
  • NW Regional Coordinator: Ashley Blanchard
  • SW Regional Coordinator: Savannah Phillips
  • NC Regional Coordinator: Jon Ferguson
  • SW Regional Coordinator: Beth Beall
  • NE Regional Coordinator: Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian
  • SE Regional Coordinator: Diana Mnatsakanyan-Sapp
  • Competitions Coordinator: Nathanael May
  • Community Coordinators: Alex Medina, Andrew McCaslin, Ben Helfen, Dana Andrews, Emily Barber, Emily Smith, Hana Kaneshige, Jill Killen, Kelly Hill, Khanh Trang, Laura Clark, Madeleine Longoria Garcia, Maya Nguyen, Rowan Kapanui, Rocky Rhodes, Tyler Duncan

Access the Chapter Hub

The Chapter Hub is available to Chapter Committee members and contains information and resources to help Coordinators run successful events and promote Chapter activities. 

*For access to the Chapter Hub password, email our staff at