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About the Specialty Coffee Association

For more than a quarter of a century, the SCA has inspired specialty coffee professionals in their quest to learn, grow and collaborate for the betterment of the specialty coffee industry.

We offer our members every opportunity for success through education, training, resources and business services. This focus has enabled the association to grow into the world’s largest coffee trade association, with members representing more than 40 countries and every segment of the specialty coffee industry, from growers to roasters and retailers.

The SCA has also been at the forefront of developing and promoting specialty coffee and is committed to meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing industry by setting and maintaining standards, expanding our professional certification programs, conducting industry-specific research, and providing even more opportunities to connect, exchange, and work together so our industry continues to thrive.

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Coffee Market Statistics

Reports and surveys currently available from the SCA can be found on our Resources page. Also available on this page are SCA Standards and Protocols. For questions or interview requests, please email us at

Our Trade Shows

The SCA hosts two major trade specialty coffee trade shows: the Specialty Coffee Expo in the United States and World of Coffee in Europe. Learn more about these events below.

Other SCA Events

The SCA and our trade guilds host small and large events around the globe throughout the year. Find a full list of events here

SCA Certified Home Brewers

SCA Certified Home Brewers are designed to provide the highest quality standard for brewing specialty coffee at home. Developed by coffee scientists and professional tasters, the SCA Certified Home Brewer mark is the most rigorous brewer certification available.  Testing for proper water temperature, brewing time, uniformity of extraction, and other quality attributes is done on-site at UC Davis by engineers in their respected and renown coffee lab.